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You’re So Obsessed Candy Girl- You need a vacation! So We took one and it was 2.5 days!

Since I am always being accused of being a controlling, work-aholic, candy obsessed candy girl, I took the advice of many and finally took a vacation. It was 2.5 days and in all honesty we had 3 events in between these 2.5 lovely days in gorgeous San Diego, Ca. 3 Weddings Actually! 1 on a Yacht, Another at the Fire House Museum in Little Italy and the 3rd was held at the gorgeous estate of one of our favorite repeat clients, The Wermers family who celebrated the wedding of Brandon & Angelica. We may have worked but it was still a vacation in my book! The proof is in the pictures people. My Husband Chris ( Gorgeous & Totally untouched by my pregnancy!) What ever happened to the sympathy pounds husbands are supposed to gain to make their wives suffer less? I suppose mine didn’t get the memo. And the baby, well she’s quickly growing and so sweet and so good and so calm. Daddy & Baby are nothing like mommy. But then again, no one is. I mean, there is only enough room for 1 super insane Candy Girl in our home! On the planet actually! We had a wonderful time and for 2.5 days I got to spend some really special time with these 2 most important people in my world. Like I said, the proof is in the pictures and I really DO know how to relax… 2.5 days of it baby! Love you guys!

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