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Candy Creations

Our World Renowned Custom Candy Creations are simply OUT OF THIS WORLD and will take your breath away! ( which happens to be our Goal!) We love the unique creative process that goes into each creation and each sculpture is truly a labor of pure Candy Love! 

Whether you are looking for a phenomenal centerpiece to your event, an interesting conversation piece to promote your brand at a convention or a show-stopping edible sculpture at a premiere. The Hollywood Candy Girls may be contracted to create art exhibitions on a national/ international level. Our abilities & capabilities are limitless. We are proud to bring the imagination of Willy Wonka & the whimsy of Candy Land to real life! Our supremely sweet experiences are unlike anything you've ever imagined! 

Our Process: 
*Consultation/ Budget /Objectives
*Sketch approvals
*Engineering & Mechanical elements
*Design Process Begins
*Project is delivered & unveiled

It's Alive!

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