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Dessert Bar for Corporate Events in Los Angeles, CA

The Hollywood Candy Girls are proud to have been featured in Biz Bash & Special Events Magazines for our work related to trade shows & phenomenal corporate event services. We provide an array of custom created options that allow our corporate clients to sweetly stand out at expos, conventions, and promotions. 


We specialize in branding & marketing your company with our delicious sweet treats & team of sugary brand ambassadors which allow your services and products to shine. We color "outside the lines" when it comes to showcasing our brands and corporations to create clever sweet experiences. Whether you opt for a Customized Candy Land, an interactive Sweet Spot, imaginative hospitality suite or simply need a fun way to stand out at your next event, let The Hollywood Candy Girls share their ideas and successful nationwide campaigns with your team. And always remember, EVERYONE, Loves Candy! 

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