Meet Jackie, The Candy Queen!

Jackie Sorkin, The Candy Queen!

Jackie Sorkin is Hollywood's resident "Candy Girl" and CEO of The Hollywood Candy Girls INC. She is best known for her  role as star of TLC's Sugary Show, Candy Queen!  

Today, Jackie's quirky, creative, Willy Wonka-esque business have earned her fans from all around the globe who all have one thing in common... a love of all  things S-U-G-A-R! Jackie's bubbly and super energetic personality drive her desire to create supremely sweet experiences for all kinds of events. These qualities, together with Jackie's respect for her clients privacy, have made her a popular event planning choice for celebrities as well as high profile corporations and private clients. 

She is well-known for creating clever social events, imaginative corporate functions and world renowned candy art & sculptures for clients including: Oprah Winfrey, Disney, American Idol, Katy Perry, Girl  Scouts of America, Warner Bros and many others. She has been featured on a variety of television shows including - Good Morning America, Univision & MTV, TLC & Discovery International. Her work has been featured in the The Los Angeles Times, BizBash, Candy Industry Magazine, The Hollywood Reporter and Special Events Magazine.Her Motto is: Life is short, make it sweet & fun!