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1st Day Of Summer! I grew up going to summer camp and there I learned that I NEVER had to grow up! U


People often ask me how I ended up in this place ( Being the Boss Lady of Candy Girl Land).. I can’t really explain my road because it’s been all over the place and totally, not normal. I grew up leaving Los Angeles and going to Summer Camp in a bizarre little town in Pennsylvania called, Pennsburg. I learned everything I know from a very quirky businessman named Flip from New York City who mentored me and believed in me at a very young age. I still adore him to this day. The only thing I can say about how I got to this place is…my love of absolute FUN, never wanting to grow up & being obsessed with all things SUGA’ are what lead me here. I get to be an eternal kid in a candy store and I wouldn’t and couldn’t imagine it any other way! Off to Zumba! Hey! You gotta burn off that sugar’ and baby weight somehow right??

The END.

Life is short, make it sweet & fun!


Candy Girl

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