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A Bourbon Street Mardi Gras B’ Nai Mitzvah Spectacular! Candy Station, Ice Cream Station &#038

The Queen of OC Mitzvahs & Celebrations the fabulously lovely Ms. Beth Slavin called us in to create something spectacular for Grant & Vanessa’s super fabtastic B’Nai Mitzvah at the Waterfront Hyatt Beach Resort in Huntington Beach. We created Mardi Gras madness that included a ton- o- candy, hundreds of Mardi Gras themed cake pops, an ice cream station, soda fountain and on and on.. Congratulations to these super cute OC kiddo’s who got to celebrate such a special day with an amazing party and a big thank you to out beloved Ms. Beth who we love and adore because she’s always believed in us and is a gem of a human being!

XoXo- Candy Girl

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