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A Few Words About Our Website! It’s All Created With Photos Of Our OWN WORK! Woah! What a conc


Another example of a beautiful image that can easily be bought!

Can’t sleep so will post something that is often of great annoyance and on my mind! The Candy world, party world, dessert world is starting to become saturated with websites and people who are attempting or wanting to start a business that is an exact replica of another persons business who they like, admire and sometimes are a little weirdly obsessed with ( please refer to several passed blog posts). Now to some, this may sound completely self-indulgent and rude but the truth is, I’m the type of person who thinks about what I say and ensures that my statements come from a place of validity and truth. I’m not into phony bologne, smiling in your face and then talking about you when you walk away, nor am I into anyone riding on the coattails of someone’s Awesome Train especially when they’ve worked so hard to achieve it! I get emails about this from people every week and most have business’s pertaining to the party world and many are moms, young bright women and savvy chicks who I can identify with. So here’s what I’d like to say and kind of put on blast! In my professional opinion I would say that over 50% of the websites and newbie websites that I see are created with Stock Photography and purchased images of beautiful stylized candy, desserts, cupcakes, cakes etc.. This is NOT the actual work of the individual, yet they lead people to believe that it is! I mean, are you freakin’ for real? just because you pay someone to design a website and they drop in a bunch of stock pics, clip art and re-word the copied text you’ve taken from another company, in no way makes you Legit, Reputable or worthy of taking on a client who is being mislead by your deceit. So since I stand for the consumer ( the client) truth, integrity, so much hard work you could pass out, and I feel I am a voice for other women who so get what I am saying, I think you need to be put on blast! I could list over 20 websites, copy cats and so on who do this but I’ll try and play nice and just assume when they read this post ( they’ll think, who me?) Wel duhh.. if this is you then think! And with this commentary on business practices, I’d like to invite you to browse our website and all it’s Photographic Glory! The events you see- their ours and were created by the members of our Team! Hard working, talented chicks who put the P in Proud of their work and the E in effort it takes to do all this and then some…

I’m just saying- When you sell a creative service, maybe you should show your stuff and what you’re capable of and stop misleading with a photo of a perfectly styled cupcake on a vintage shabby chic pedestal that you did not bake, create or even make and I’m a little over all the pics that are supposed to be seductive, high fashion attempts with Botoxed lips and Snookie Poof Hair-do’s lickin’ on a lollipop! And with all that being said.. good night. I:43 am and the Candy Shoppe is closing for a couple hrs.

XO- Candy Girl

Stock Images Sure Are Pretty Aren’t They?

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