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A Really Bad Case of The Mondays… Thank God it’s Tuesday!

Yesterday I had one of those Monday’s that was really hard to get through. It was just a bad & gross day. Thank goodness for amazing friends who could sense something was wrong and cheered me up while I was a major stage 5 Debbie Downer, wa-wa-wa. I snapped out of my fuggly funk around midnight when my graphics goddess & friend, Kristy who was up at 3am sends me a message that says ” ;( No Sad Days Allowed In Candy Land!) It just made me laugh and realize, I work with the most awesome people all day and I am surrounded by freakin’ lollipops & gum drops! One of my fava fave motto’s is- “Life is short so I make it sweet & fun” No sad faces allowed and no blah days either!

And then instantly my bad day was over and I found myself dreaming of unicorns & puppies and I was sliding down jelly bean rainbows in one of those insanely sparkly outfits that Katy Perry wears ( thanks Tylenol pm, how would I function w/out you my darling!) Today is Tuesday and we’ve got 5 phenomenal events this week and it’s October the most massively MAJOR month in the world of candy! Yippee! Thank you for listening, I feel better now, Mom & Dad, no need to stop by for a ” Do you wanna talk” moment! I’t’s all good in the hood!

xoxo- The Happiest Candy Girl You know!

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