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A really funny moment !

For those of you who know me personally and know my mom too, you already know that the things she says often make no sense, are translated weirdly and are super hysterical. So I’m on the phone all day long, non stop with some Majorly MAJOR clients and my mom says to me in her cute Zoila-esque accent ( Think Jeff Lewis’s Zoila from the show flipping out) ” Yackie, YACKIE, who are you espeaking too” I say, Big People Ma, BIG, BIG people shhh! She says, “me too” I say, really???? Oh my gosh, tell me who? She replies ” Isabella Sorkin” she’s sooo famous! Not sure if this moment translates well over the blogasphere,but it was so funny and seriously, without my familia, I’d be lost. I watch way to much dateline and I’m paraoid so you know.. Thanks Ma, You are funny and you don’t even know it!

XoXo- Yackie-Candy Girl

PS- God, Thank you for this baby she is the most wonderful thing I’ve ever known…

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