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A Rewarding Afternoon with the Los Angeles Girl Scouts- A Super fun, Self-Esteem & Hip Hop Work

I had the most rewarding afternoon today with several Girl Scout troops from Los Angeles. I know, I admit it, I juggle way to many projects at once, my plate is always full and my schedule is sometimes too over-loaded for any one person to handle. I also completely admit that living in this sort or organized chaos is something I love. I simply like always being busy and have found that when I am not, I’m not as happy and feel like I’m wasting time. This may have something to do with having lived in NYC. I was always on the go-go-go there and always felt pressured to do things faster, better & smarter. I think there are many people out there who can relate to this. Although many of us will find ourselves flying through our lives I have come to realize that some things are simply a must do! And often times these are the things that have no price tag or don’t fulfill any of our selfish wants. Basically, I think that it’s hugely important to do things for others and give, give, give when you can. Give your time to a cause, lend a hand to an organization in need or volunteer. Not everything we do must have a dollar sign attached to it. No matter what I accomplish, there is really no other feeling that can compare to how I feel when I teach or lead a workshop for the Girl Scouts. All of my programs are self-esteem based and focus on empowering young women to be smart, savvy & confident. I have worked with thousands of Girl Scouts from L.A. to NYC and have also become an event planner for several of their major annual events. This is another facet to my life which I felt like sharing with my readers today and also goes to show you- be anything and anyone you want to be! Do what’s right for you and do good for others. I know it may sound cliche and corny but the rewards you simply can’t explain until you feel them for yourself. Enjoy the pics of our fun day! Do Something Good For Someone Else Today! XOXO, Jackie

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