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A Sappy Post About Being The Mother Of The Candy Princess… The Future Heiress Of Our Candy Emp

I have to admit Motherhood has changed this Candy Girl in the most unimaginable ways! I am one of those people who live to work rather than work to live… Well let me tell you, this gorgeous little oompa loompa has forced me to change even though I still find myself obsessively worrying about what our next big event will be, what can we do to top ourselves, what’s next on our to do list regarding total and complete candy & world domination etc…

Today as I rocked her to sleep and didn’t give up or pass her off to her daddy even though she was fussy and crying and agitated with me, I stared at her and just cried and thought… Young Lady, You have amazing hair and great skin, You are SO the next MILEY CYRUS! I’m joking… I actually just couldn’t believe in the middle of the craziest year of our lives, our business exploding, amazing opportunities that continue to pour in and so much work, we had time to have a baby. Simply amazing!

I can’t believe I am admitting this but I kind of miss that giant beach ball belly and being pregnant also forces every human being on the planet to treat you like you are a 5 year old and they insist on doing everything and anything for you. I loved that and I’m so controlling and admit that I rarely let people help me or take care of me. It was nice to be taken care of…

Anyhow, this rare & sappy post is simply to say, all the fears I had about motherhood and being a good mom dwindle more and more each day. She certainly gives me funny looks and sometimes I swear she’s thinking ” Could you please not embarrass me again today and please just for one day would you allow me to wear my hair without a massive sized bow in it you Candy Freak!”

Ok- maybe she’s not so harsh, but wouldn’t it be so funny if a baby could actually look at her mother and say that? I’d pay money to see that! Anyhow, I have a feeling that she and I are going to be really good friends and she has now become the center of our universe and we welcome her along on our Candy Girl adventures… All I can say, stay tuned people, it’s going to be a wildly fun ride.

XoXo, Jackie ” Candy Girl”

& Baby Isabella ” Candy Princess”

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