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A Sneak Peak- Our Wild Week Of American Idol Season 9 Finale Parties! The Hollywood Candy Girls are

Helloooooooo Everyone Out There In Candy Land!

I’m in an amazingly great mood today even after a week of non-stop parties, massive pressure, meetings and some really wild drama sprinkled in too! Such is the life of a Candy Girl! We’ve got so many clients and friends asking us to post the pics and blog on our wildly fun week of American Idol Season 9 Finale Parties so I wanted to at the very least post some of the highlights for you to enjoy! Congratulations Lee!!! I try to never make excuses for anything but in this case I have an amazing one to give you for my slight delay! I’m so absolutely and totally pregnant and Baby Bella will be here any day now on top of a schedule full of incredible meetings ( I wish I could tell you all about them but I can’t, soon you’ll know why though- I promise and you’ll be thrilled!!!)

Season 9 was phenomenal as were all the Idol Parties and super fun promotional events we did for the show, show sponsors and our wonderful clients who have become such great friends to the Hollywood Candy Girls! Everyone absolutely flipped for our candy and dessert bars but we certainly had to out-do ourselves at the big finale party on Wednesday at LA Live. The Candy Girls wore custom American Idol Inspired outfits and guests lined up to take cute pics with the girls all night long! We had a great system down to keep everything in order all night long but I’d never share all our secrets, I mean, I can’t give away everything people! We created a fabulous 4 sided candy, dessert & cookie bar with tons of sweet surprises for everyone including : Glam Bites, Cake Pops, Cupcakes, Custom Cookies with edible sponsor images, candy, candy, candy & cotton candy too! Our bakers Kelle & Kim outdid themselves and baked their little booties off for days! We also created a super fun display for the American Idol DJ Party at elevate night club on Monday. A special shout out to our beloved Manny Guevara or Manny on the streets, host of the morning show with Ryan Seacrest on 102.7 Kiss FM! Manny is the sweetest guy we know and we loved spoiling him with our Suga’ Suga!…

I promise I’ll post more soon with all the details! Gotta run to a meeting.. actually waddle… yes, even on Friday, Sat & Sunday- We have meetings! Thank you God for so many blessings! Seriously!

xoxo- Jackie- ” Candy Girl”

PS- This week would not have been possible without the help of the most wonderful gorgeous staff on earth! My Candy Girls, Candy Crew, Candy Husband, Candy Family, Candy Doggies- EVERYONE!!! Chris, Jessica, Brianna, Calyse, Vanessa, Joey, Ashley, Jessica, Mom, Dad, Chloe, Chico etc…

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