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A Very Special Thank You to Our Friends & Family Members! Baby Bella’s Baby Shower Bash 4

We wanted to do something extra special to thank all our friends & family members who attended Baby Bella’s Baby Shower Bash! So we made you a special video to watch below this post! We all agreed, This was hands down one of the most special and spectacular days our lives and Bella kicked me extra hard to let me know she was in agreement! We’re still recovering and finally opened the last of the mountain of gifts you all spoiled her with and are simply so touched, still so emotional and so eternally grateful to know that she will be surrounded by some of the most incredible people on earth! All we want is for her to be healthy, happy, sweet and kind. ( Don’t tell Chris but I totally hope she has a little of her mommy’s crazy and a lot of her daddy’s huge heart of gold!) This kid is going to be Awesome and yes of course, I say that becuase she’s mine but I have a feeling that when she’s born there will be thunder, lightning and maybe an earthquake too-

It’s all about making a Fabulous Grand Entrance Baby!

We LOVE you all so much and once again, thank you for sharing such a special time with us! Everyone is waiting to see what her Wedding will be like someday but for now, I’ll simply start planning the next best thing…Her 1st Birthday!


Chris, Jackie & “Baby Candy Girl” Bella

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