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Afterthoughts…Filming Season One of TLC’s Candy Queen! The Gift of a Lifetime & Unf

Dearest Candy friends, fans & familia,

I needed some time to process how I’d explain the experience of filming Season 1 of our TLC show Candy Queen and at this point, I still have to shake my head several times a day and say- Wait! did that really just happen to us?” I’m honestly still simply amazed that many of you guys do the following:

#1- Know we even exist

#2-Like us enough to root for us and care about this little business & the ups and downs of our lives we so openly & often embarrassingly share with you.

#3- You “Get us” It’s not just about candy and selling it or creating with it- to be honest I think I’d be pretty good at selling sparkly toilets if I had too in order to support my family! The message I really hope to convey to you guys most of whom are young women, perfectly imperfect moms & aspiring entrepreneurs is that if you want something bad enough, crazy as it may seem to most, yet you truly believe in the idea of picking yourself up off your ass after each and every failure while never hiding behind them rather owning them and learning a lesson with each of your life’s major f-ups! You’ll succeed, you’ll get there and although we may never be filthy rich (Money’s way over-rated anyway & My God, all the germs on that paper kicks my OCD into over-drive) the feeling you’ll have created of achieving something on your own will supersede all the other dumb stuff we often think we need in order to feel fulfilled & valuable!

I know that it may seem weird to even comprehend what on earth you’d do if given an opportunity like the one we’ve been given. To meet the world on TV while you’re so freakin’ pregnant and feeling really unattractive & bloated. To be given just one shot to be on the only Network I ever wanted to be on and work with people who I truly can’t say anything other than good things about and since wrapping season one, we all miss them and the new routines we fell into.

So as I digress as I realize I often do, and I tell you very little about what it was actually like to film episode after episode of Candy Queen, I’ll say this. Sometimes you just know when something is so right, it’s going to work and is going to be something incredibly special that may certainly change your world but most certainly does not mean it has to change YOU. The only thing I’ve ever really listened to in life other than my mom & dad is my natural instincts and intuition about people, places, things and situations..I don’t have a college degree to fall back on, I have myself. My instincts have never failed me and while I am obsessed with TLC’s New Show Long Island Medium which follows the spiritually intuitive Theresa Caputo- I certainly am no incredible Medium but since I was little I’ve had so many moments where I’ve foreseen my own future and when it’s something good.. I run with it and don’t question it. So what did I foresee? Well, you’ll just have to watch & we’ll wait and see if I was right I guess.

To all the people who were a part of this insane experience which is simply a Gift to us all, thanks for being yourselves and treating us all like family. My dear candy crew, I appreciate that you did not find it necessary to touch up your make-up all day long ( no diva’s allowed rules are highly enforced in candy girl land) thanks for being completely open and laughing, crying, stressing and pushing your creativity to a level of brilliance that is incomprehensible to most. I’m so proud of all of us and I get that this is simply “Show Business” to some but to me & I think to most of us, it’s about having created something so insanely awesome & being a part of a very small group of people who get to live this experience together while holding onto who we are and never losing sight of that. We love each-other, we love our friends & family and are simply.. determined to succeed!

Watch the show party people, watch it with your family, your kids, your neighbors, your dogs & cats.. your friends and their friends and when you go to Costco- do me a favor and watch it on all the giant TV’s they are selling and turn all the channels to TLC.. At the very least- you won’t believe what this team is capable of creating with something as silly as C-A-N-D-Y and you’ll be entertained because the truth is other people’s drama makes our own lives seem that much more normal right?

Oh and PS! To my mom and dad who are the real break out stars of not only this show but my life- I love you and so does everyone else which sometimes makes me a little jealous & kind of possessive but you’re mine, mine, mine so I suppose I can learn to share you with the world too!

XoXo- Candy Girl

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