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AHHH An EMMY AWARDS CANDYASTROPHE!!! Thank Goodness Our Fab Friends in San Diego Totally Saved The D


Hey Candy friends & fans, it’s me Bella your favorite Candy Girl In Training. I’m writing to let you know that there has been a little too much drama in my candy universe during the last 2 days. My mom & The Candy Girls are doing another fabulously fun event for all those fancy pants celebrities at the Emmy Awards and we sorta had a major problemo on our hands! Our candy vision for the Emmy’s is really fun and there is no way we will pull it off without these larger than life sized lollipops that my mommy is totally obsessed with! So basically, our order slipped through the cracks somewhere and someone did something that really upset mommy and she totally, majorly FREAKED ! Thank goodness she remembered this really awesome lady named Susan who she spoke with a while ago. Susan really wanted to help mommy with her candy stuff. So to make a long story short, Susan & Desiree who work in the wonderful world of candy saved the day and less then 24 hours later a giant box arrived full of the biggest lollipops I have ever seen! Mommy did a happy dance and was kissing my face a lot when they came. She told me that Susan & Desiree are totally and she loves them for their professionalism and absolutely phenomenal service. I think you’ll be hearing from my mom a whole lot more Candy Pro’s and she’s kind of a big deal (at least she thinks she is 😉 thanks for fixing her CANDYASTROPHE!

XoXo, Bella Boo “Candy Girl in Training”

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