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American Idol Top 24 Party Prom Night @ The Roosevelt Hotel, Hollywood Candy Girls Serve it up- Suga

Idol Mania is officially in the building! What a phenomenal night for the Top 24 contestants of American Idol Season 11 who celebrated Idol Prom Night! The Hollywood Candy Girls are simply honored to be a part of the American Idol celebrations around town because quite honestly, these are the parties with the hottest guest lists and are some of the most magnificent events in town. The evening was created by the most phenomenal event producers in the biz, my dear friends Brian Worley & Jaime Geffen who are the dynamic duo at Your Bash who make all this event magic happen along with their team of event pro’s Shannon, Jessie, Daniel and Matt who are the most fun, creative, hardworking, radtastic party people in the industry!

We created a custom candy buffet & dessert bar that was nearly 20 ft of candy and dessert madness that included everything from an array of Candy, Gum Balls, Caramel Corn, Glam Cake Pops, Cookies & Cupcakes with edible images, Custom Chocolate Bars, Smore’s & Chocolate Chip Cookies and more, more, more!!!

The Hollywood Candy Girls had a wonderful time congratulating all the Idols and filling everyone up on Suga’. It’s fun to get to watch contestants throughout the season and we really don’t have a favorite because they were all so much fun and so, so pumped up and excited to be living this experience! I was sitting in the holding room with all of them as I was making some gift boxes and they were singing away and fa-la-la-la-laing as they adjusted their prom night sashes & crowns and talked about how hard it is to NOT google themselves. Some of the contestants were feeling a bit nervous about fans & press so I gave them candy & cookies and showed them ridiculous pictures of my baby dressed as Richard Simmons because that’s how I roll and I instantly went into mom mode and wanted to make them feel better. I said, ” Have fun, Be Yourself ,We’re all a little nuts in LA, people like us eccentric folk!” Needless to say, the Idols had a blast at their Idol Prom Night & We drove home barefoot since our heels killed after 6 hrs and we were a sleepy candy crew. See ya’ at the next event guys! Best of Luck to everyone!

XoXo- Candy Girl

Nearly 20ft of Candy & Dessert Bar Insanity!!!

The Idol BOYS!

The Idol Girls!

Antonio Sabato Jr- He’s Deliciso!

Lo Bosworth- The Hills

Candy Mafia @ Their Best

The Most Insane Edible Images in of of La-La!!!

Yo! Michael YO!

Kimberly Caldwell @ Her Sweet Spot

The Candy Kids Camera

Brian & Daniel!

Brian Worley Hearts Shannon Warner!


The Dream Team!! Brian, Shannon, Candy Girl, Daniel, Jaime, Matt

So Cute

Candy Cuties

This Candy Motha LalaLOVES Her Candy Kids

Spot the dork in this photo!

Daniel Goldstein- He’s Super Famous!

Our Buddy-Nolan Gould- Modern Family

Hot + Hot = Double Hot

Miss Briana & Miss Lauren Alaina- Idol Fan Favorite

Double Eye Candy! Dr Drew & Joey

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