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Anaheim Angels Jammie Drive @ Downtown Disney & Our Anaheim Angels Custom Candy Buffet Bar &#03

SING IT PARTY PEOPLE!, ” Last Christmas I gave you my heart and the very next day, you gave it away, THIS year to save me from tears, I’ll give it to someone special!” OH! So sorry, I was singing out loud and then typing the words. Bad habit, I often type my thoughts anyhow, George Michael, wherever you are this holiday season, I love you, you sexy little British Bad Boy Cow Boy!

Anyhow you gorgeous, fabulous party peeps, back to another fabtastic event to share with you guys! The Hollywood Candy Girls were out and in full effect at the Anaheim Angels Foundation Charity Event & Jammie Drive for 200+ well deserving children in our community. These very special kiddos were invited to the ESPN zone at Downtown Disney where Angeles Manager and absolutely fantastic ( and super cute) guy Mike Scioscia, read them a Christmas story that was followed by a Team Meet & Greet. ESPN zone so graciously hosted this event and the kids enjoyed a holiday feast ( You know, tater tots, chicken fingers, sliders, cookies & more! They played games and received toys, holiday pajama’s, and we happily donated fabulous cupcakes made with love by our bakalicious baker Kelle Cake Pops & a ton of candy provided by Hollywood’d favorite candy girls! We had our very own candy kids help us out on this event and even our Candy King Chris ( My boo) left work early to join us. A die hard MLB fan who wore his Mets hat with pride while shaking hands with Angel players. Mike Scioscia jokingly said to my husband ” What’s with the Mets hat?” And Candy King replies in his total New York accent while the Heiress to the candy empire slept on her daddy’s shoulder ” I gotta represent man, I’m a New York Dominican” Mike Scioscia then said, ” Oh I played there for 2 years, I loved it!” My Candy Kings eyes twinkled and I knew in that moment, I was hands down the most AWESOME wife eva and he was simply, HAPPY! Don’t let all my sassiness fool you, underneath all this candy craziness, I’m actually a total sensitive softy who’s kinda sweet.. well I have my moments 😉

You see my friends, we don’t just make candy dreams come, we also make grown men’s Major League Baseball dreams come true too! We were simply honored to have been able to do our part to support the community and spread some more candy love around town.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

XoXo- Candy Girl

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