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And Now We Are Four… Lord Lollipop makes it official!

Candy Family!!!!

We’ve added yet another member to the candy mafia and we’ve waited over 9 months for this little guy to get here! My husband and I welcomed our son Christian George affectionately known as Lord Lollipop into the world on Tuesday Nov 29th and it was an unbelievably, emotionally over-loaded day! I mean, it’s no surprise that it was full of tears, so much happiness and nauseating anticipation too but honestly for me, it’s these monumental moments in life where I seem to take inventory on my entire life, who I am, how I’ve grown and where in the heck I plan on ending up.. I don’t even know that yet but I do know that I never anticipated I’d be a mom and then become a mom again and SO QUICKLY!!! We’ve clearly got so much going on in our lives right now from working events, running our business, being a rapidly growing family and the anticipation of the season premier of our TLC show Candy Queen ( Monday December 5, 2011 @10pm-Totally Shameless Plug-you’d so do it too so keep it real) most people seem to look at me with either great excitement and want to ask a million questions while others give me a look of totally distressed confusion that reads- ” How in the hell are you handling all this right now, are you insane?” Listen- I dunno how I’m managing all this stuff- we just are. No one ever said it was simple and somedays are really hard but again- when an opportunity of a lifetime is presented and one of your wildest dreams comes true, it’s not like your just going to sit on your ass and eat pop tarts and complain all day- You do it baby and you don’t stop until it is you get to wherever the hell it is your trying to get to and to be honest, i’ve got no freakin’ clue where that even is or what it’s supposed to look like! We just brought the baby home last night and I’ve probably cried 5 x already and am looking in the mirror every hour on the hour to see how much “less pregnant” I look! Baby number two did not disappoint and continues our legacy of amazingly thick, shiny, dark hair and once again another one of my children became the envy of the nursery when all those little bald babies laid their pretty little eyeballs on him and shook their heads at how unfair life is sometimes ;-)!

I’m trying to err on the side of funny right now because the truth is if I get too deep and too intense on what a beautiful moment this was for my husband, family and even two of our Candy Queen producers Steve & Gil and the sweetest production assistant you could ever know Jess-Ho (That’s her name, I’m not joking) who joined the party for the baby’s arrival with camera’s in hand and the looks of urgency on their faces ( I’ve grown accustom to those funny looks and I love them).. I’ll just get all emotional again and I’m trying to get all this damn crying under control. To all the nurses at Los Alamitos Hospital who were so nice to me ( Laurie, Beth, Catherine, Nora, Melissa and a bunch of others who had the pleasure of me NOT driving them nuts)- you ladies are my hero’s! The things that these women do for us pregnant chicks is UN- REAL and I know it’s just ” doing your job” but every single one of these women said same thing at some point while I was there. They said how lucky they felt to have a job that was so special where they witnessed miracles every day and met so many wonderful women and naturally- I cried with a couple of them too because us women like to bond and share and talk about ourselves and cry together- and that’s what I love most about being a girl! Honestly, I usually try and get the hell out of hospitals as quickly as possible because they terrify me but this experience was different and I was able to allow these ladies to take care of me and make sure my baby and I were A-Ok! Seriously, these ladies won’t ever understand how much they mean to me so I’ll just have to keep sending them ridiculous baskets full of candy and sweets on a monthly basis! My Baby Doctor ( Dr. G) Leslie Gonzalez, knows how much I love her and her staff.. she’ll be on Candy Queen too so watch out for her- she can handle me and I’ve never scared her away with all my weirdness and that’s why she’s my doc and I’m her patient! I know I am missing plenty of other folks who helped bring Lord Lollipop into the world but it’s not like I carried around a post it and pen during my surgery.. However, I thank you with all my heart and so does my husband who had the balls to bust out a flip cam during my surgery in the operating room and I wanted to freak out on him and punch him in the nuts but couldn’t because I was so knocked our from the drugs and terrified! Anyhow- we’re home.. we’re all good now.. in pain but all good and I thank you again for praying for us, caring about us and our fabulously fun adventures… I’ll probably be pregnant again in like a week so no- fear.. we’ll have more baby news soon! I’M J-O-K-I-N-G! I need a break and would like to go back to looking “normal” again.. at least for a while…

Night Candy Family… XoXO- Candy Girl

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