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Another SABADO GIGANTE in our Candy Coated Casa & The Realization That My Candy Baby Will Suffe

I’m sitting here on a Saturday night with my family watching the ever- so -popular & sort of always ridiculous variety show, Sabado Gigante on Univision! It’s like a Latino version of Saturday Night Live, Family Feud & The Gong Show & Playboy Chanel all rolled into one! This show comes complete with a bevy of super smokin’ Hooter-esque mamacitas who dance around practically naked while shaking’ their beautifully enhanced maracas (boobs) in everyone’s face. I’m sitting here about to explode this 2nd baby out, totally exhausted, have massive heart burn & nausea and looking like the antithesis of these hot chicks who I’d love to see trip in their 6 inch hooker heels. (Bitter & Jealous? Hell Yes I am right now!) Anyhow,I look over to my my husband & dad who are playing with our baby and I think ” This little girl will NEVER have a single “daddy issue”… EVER! She’s dancing and mimicking the Hooter-esque mamacitas on TV and everyone’s cheering her on and at this very moment, I realize my kid is surrounded by LOVE & some crazy guys who adore her like lunatics. I love that she has phenomenal men in her life ( Real Men! The kind that are loyal, loving and protective of their family and as much as I praise strong females, I thank God for this kid having such exceptional male role models in her life.) Her Grandpa Georgie & her Daddy are big guys who have no problem being silly, putting on bracelets, playing dolls with her or letting her honk & pull their big noses just to make her smile…

I’ve also just realized, “I think my ass is stuck in my office chair and… WOW, this is how I now spend my Saturday Nights, What the hell happened to us, we used to be so freakin’ awesome, popular & fun !!!” But the truth is… I wouldn’t trade any of this and I couldn’t have ever imagined that life would have turned out to be so sweet & semi normal… Am I really starting to cry now? Yup! Here we go and that’s my cue to sign off..

Night Party People…

XoXo, Candy Girl

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