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Are you suffering from a Bad Case of Feeling So Fly Like A G6? Tell Me about it & I’m su

What up party people! It’s been months now and I still can not stop singing The Far East movements-Like a G6. At this point, I’d typically have gotten over it but this one just does not get out of my head and so much so to the point where I wanted to watch the video on youtube and shsh-shake my ass for a minute ( I needed a mental break) you know I do my lollipop thang’ and somedays it’s brutal out there in Candy Land! So as I’m watching and bouncin’ in my desk chair in my PINK sweats and pretending that I for just 1 moment in time was the flyest chick in the club and at about 1:53, I see this girl in the video and think, ” Why do I know her” So then it hits me! It’s pretty blue haired girl from the Emmy’s style lounge! I did a little google stalkin’ and came to find out her name’s Colette Carr and she is about to explode onto the scene-You’ll see. She’s already quite well known in La-La land and she’s got a lyrical style and even personal style that’s all her own. Bottom line, I like her and she kicks ass at Tennis and so do I. Is it not so Random how Tennis fits into all this? I know, but I love the randomness of it. Check her out at

Colette Carr-She reps Malibu hard and sweetly suffered through this photo with our Hollywood Candy Girl- Jessica!

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