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Best Quote I ever Heard!!! XoXo – Your Favorite Candy Girl

I have to share this quote with you today- Words I strongly try and live by.

“You will truly become a Success in Life when you can give away everything you’ve got and learn to rise up others.”

Every business has it’s competition and competitors right? That’s normal. Most people are threatened by a competitor, they hold onto their trade secrets for dear life and never want to give away any information regarding what they do or how they do what they do. I agree, it would be dumb to share 100% of your business’s success secrets with everyone but I also think when you are truly confident in what you do and do it very well, you no longer have to be so worried about what the next guy is doing or trying to do.

I embrace my competition becuase I honestly feel they make me better. I am a VERY competitive person by nature and I admit that. I always want to win, failure is not an option and In the world of candy- I want to be the one of the Best! You can’t win 100% of the clients but I’ll take a solid 95% ;-). I like succeeding but surprisingly, I also like watching others succeeding in the game of life too! It makes me feel good and I’m happy when great things happen for other people too!

So what are the secrets? Work Hard ( and I mean really hard if you want spectacular results), be appreciative always, treat clients like they are the most priceless gems on earth, when you fail- don’t dwell on it- simply keep moving forward, don’t ever get too arrogant, know what you are and what you are not, if you believe in it- NEVER give up on it. Be prepared to be judged by others and know who you really are always ( this applies to many areas of life and not just business), And if it helps get over the judgements, you can keep it old school and take it back to the 5th grade, cross your arms, roll your eyes and say ” You’re just jealous!” Perhaps it’s not true but you”ll momentarily feel better anyway! 😉 Be innovative & always Keep It Real!

That Felt Good To Share With Everyone Today!

XoXo, Jackie- “Candy Girl”

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