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BREAKING NEWS & Hyperventilating! Put on your acid wash jeans & tease that hair to Insanit

Hyperventilating as I type!!!

Somebody must love me up in heaven because the announcement of my boyfriend George Michaels Re-Mastered Faith album almost caused me to go into straight up convulsions! If you are one of our over 30,000 blog lovin’ fans ( thank you!) then you may very well know about the very inappropriate love affair I have been having with this man! Although many of my candy girls relate more to Britney & Miley, I am trying as best as I can to (force) them into loving George like I do! George! I love you to the point where I have become delusional and I know you think of me the same way and write about me and feature my cool photos on your blog. Really! I just love you and the video below makes me pick up my baby in the living room and dance our asses off in leopard slippers! If you ever need a bail bond- call me, I’ll never let you down.. never ever.. Single tear drop rolling down so , so, so slow…

XoXo- Candy Girl

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