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BREAKING NEWS PARTY PEOPLE! We finally found an official Hollywood Candy Girl Anthem. Don’t B

What’s Your Anthem? Everybody’s gotta have one!

We’re dancing around with glow sticks in our sweats & socks & adult onesies and gotta let chew know… We finally found ours and it’s sassy, up-beat, kinda crazy, full of wild hair, crazy costumes, too much make-up, attitude, fierceness and too much over the topness that it should be illegal!!! Love us or hate us but don’t you dare be JEALOUS OF OUR BOOGIE!!! For some of you especially the blogabees, candy stalkers & spies- it’s gonna be hard not to! Ru-Paul, we die for this song! You Get Free Candy For Life!!!

XoXo- Candy Girls

PS- We Love All People, Places & Things- Even Cute Skinny Boys who like to dress up as Hot Sexy Girls! That’s Ok! Do Your Thang’ Boys!!!

Press Play & Listen to our favorite line in the song

And I don’t care if people stare

I’d rather boogie than try to fit in… Turn it up, let ’em scrutinize (I know you’re watching)

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