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CAN YOU BELIEVE THESE HOLLYWOOD CANDY GIRLS! They ran off to VEGAS again & On Halloween Weekend! And just to taunt their candy mother, they posted this pic 4 me today and sent me a texty as I was frantically working! You girls are so busted when you get back home! No C-A-N-D-Y 4 U for An Entire Week! You’ll be cleaning buckets of candy necklaces1 at a time when I see you again! And I know eye candy boy Joey is with you too and he’ll be joining you!

XoXo- Candy Motha!

PS- So since your there already.. have a blast, be good, don’t talk to strangers, get rid of all Ughhh-noying stage 5 clingers,dance until 5am, always say yes to gambling with other people’s money, go visit the Sugar Factory and bring me & the baby one of those blinged out lollipops and text me as soon as your back safe and tell Chuck the pit boss at the Palms, candy girl says hiiiiiiii Chucky Baby! I was once really cool too ya know! Ughhh, to be young & beautiful…

XoXo- Your Candy Motha

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