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CANDY GIRL ALERT!!! DO NOT LICK YOUR COMPUTER SCREEN! More Treats & Sweets to enhance your Cand

Hi Everyone!!! Our clients know that they can always call us when in need of something ultra fabulous, ultra sexy & sinful & ultra D-Lich! We have so much fun running around Hollywood while working on so many fabulous Celebrity Events, Weddings & Super fun corporate par-taaays! Our candy crew, candy girls and myself have not had a free weekend in months but we are totally NOT complaining! We love what we do, love our crazy candy business and LOVE our clients! They are hands down the sweetest peeps in town! Hard work pays off and all we really know how to do is work, work, work. I’m now 7 months pregnant with my 1st baby girl and my clients think I am nuts when they see me running from event to event with my candy girls in tow, giant lollipops and all! We are a family at Custom Candy Buffet Bars- We are always pushing ourselves to create something new or do something un-expected that WOW’S people’s pants off! To the world- it’s just candy but to us… It’s our life! So I leave you with some photos of great new items and sweet treats we can include with your candy and some fresh ideas too. Why stop at a candy station when you can have a complete sweets paradise at your party! We have partnered with some of the finest chocolatiers and bakers to bring you the very best! Don’t worry, you won’t gain a single pound by checking out these pics. Now if I could only discover a way for you to actually taste this stuff through your computer screen… Now that would be deserving of some major award in science & innovation unfortunately, that’s so not my subject! And for all those clients , friends & colleagues who’ve asked- I finally included a pic of myself and my giant belly- Future Candy Girl Bella will be here in just 11 weeks and we’ve got her bedazzled outfit and sparkly shoes all ready to go! Of course I had a full face of make-up and freshly blown out hair for this shot too- I mean c’mon- as if I would post a scary pregnant monster pic on my super cute blog! I’m far too vain for that! lol… Stay Sweet Everyone! XOXO – Jackie & The Candy Girls

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