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Candy Girls! We Need Cotton Candy Pink Poodles 4 A Puppylicious Party Stat!

How cute is Pinky? Chill out- it’s washable Kool- Aid so don’t get all PETA crazy on us! We’d rather go naked then wear fur too! We love our 4 legged friends more than life and they sleep on bedazzled cushioned thrones and eat Filet Mignon for snack time ! The new Cotton Candy Puppies are available for your kids next princess or puppy party! We aim to please and don’t know how to say NO to our clients so when one of them asked for a Pink Poodle themed party, we delivered the goods!

The things we do to make our clients smile… this truly is an example of going the extra mile! Only in Hollywood folks!

XoXo-Candy Girls

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