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Candy Island-Our latest Candy Creation & Candy Art- All Edible Too! Think Cake Boss Or Ace Of C

Our latest Candy Creation ” Candy Isle”. As many of our readers know, we love and live for all things candy!!! Candy Art & Candy Creations are another avenue of our business that have been booming! Clients love these custom candy creations and they are fantastic for marketing, celebrations , trade shows etc… The trick is to make them all edible and all out of candy or edible sweet treats. Think Cake Boss or Ace of Cakes Meets The Candy Girl!

Candy Isle was specially created for a very special client who was interested in seeing what we do in person! At this point, I wish I could tell our readers more about this very EXCITING meeting but I simply can’t. I promise our readers that you’ll be hearing about some AMAZING news and very soon! Enjoy the photos of this fabulous creation and see if you can figure out what the entire thing is made of…


Jackie ” Candy Girl”

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