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Chocoholics Alert! Lets Hear it for the boys @ Chocomize! Design your own Custom Chocolate Candy Bar

Party People You must check this out!!! We stumbled upon a very cool company called Chocomize ( out of Cherry Hill, New Jersey where customers can design & create their very own Chocolate bars. Think Build -a-bear workshop but relate it to the magical world of custom candy bars! Customers can pick from an array of ingredients to build their candy bars including: gummy bears, 23K gold flakes, bacon, nuts, teddy grams, cookie dough, a variety of dried fruits, Mini Chipotles, Organic items and more!!!

I love the Chocomize story and had to share it. 3 friends in their early 20’s who are super smart had a total change of career paths and created something that many consider recession proof! Their product was received so well that they sold massive quantities and their business exploded. I’ve got some on the way and I can’t wait to tear the box open and share these clever creations with my clients. ( Who as many of you know are the most incredible humans on earth!)

If you’re interested in reading a bit more on the Chocomize Guys, Check out this article written about them in Bloomberg Business Week. That’s Pretty Dope!

They also were invited to Harvard ( The place where all the geniuses live!) to discuss their company, idea, marketing strategies etc.. Double Dope!

Check out some of their Customized Creations Below!

XoXo- Candy Girl

PS- I normally shout out other women in business who are doing cool things in the world of Partaaaays & events & am a total fan of the Girl Power movement but I do love me some super smart boys too so today, LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS!

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