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Clients We’re Obsessed With Raquel + Richie = A Dominicana & Mexicano LOVE FEST!

We say it all the time, Our clients are insanely AWESOME! We’re totally believers in attracting certain types of people & circumstances into your lives and we seem to always attract fun loving, wonderful, laid back & GGGGORGEOUS party people who we love and adore and who often become our good friends! And I mean the type of good friends who we go out to dinner with, spend a weekend in Vegas with and share all our exciting moments with! These two are NO exception. I met Raquel and Richie last night and I literally did not want to leave them. We have way too much in common and we told stories that you wouldn’t even tell your momma and these 2 now have so much dirt on me, if they ever sell those stories to US WEEKLY, I’m so Screwed! Of course we discussed their wedding and their Candy vision and Richie loves chocolate and Raquel loves Chocolate Fountains so they compromised and we’re creating chocolate & candy insanity for these 2 love birds and all their friends & family! And speaking of family, Raquel’s family is from the DR- Dominican Republic- The Caribbean and if you still are saying Dominiwhat? Google it! California certainly has it’s share of Latino’s from all over the world but Dominican’s are few and far in between out here and kind of like a hot commodity. When I told them that my husband ( The Candy King) was also Dominican and from New York, well all Hell Broke Loose at the Starbucks and it was a Loud, Spanglish Speakin’ Mess of Happiness! I have searched high and low for some Dominicans in LA and I finally had one fall right into my hands and she’s freakin’ stunning and it’s totally fate. Now if your wondering about our Richie boy, well he’s a Latino too- a Mexicano to be exact. Our meeting was over 2 hrs long and I think at this point, I’d even pay them to be my friends. Such good people and these 2 are so in lalaLOVE it kind of makes your stomach hurt. But it’s genuine love and it’s spicy, hot Latin love and if you know what that’s like then, WATCH OUT NOW! Muy Caliente! Anyhow, I’ll follow up on their wedding with some fabulous pictures and I’ll leave you with some Dominican pride and educate you on this fun loving country where the girls have amazing booties you could bounce quarters off of and the guys are so Rico Suave it should be illegal! Raquel & Richie, I can’t wait for your big day and I’ll be doing Butt Squats to prepare so all those other mamasitas don’t put me to shame!

XoXo- Candy Girl



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