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Colorful Rainbow Disney Candy Buffet & Dessert Bar For Mickey Mouse & Our Fab Friends At T

Hey Friends! Ya know, I am lucky enough to have some incredible clients across the globe and I am the first to admit that and be super thankful for it! When I was little I dreamt of so many seemingly “crazy” things like… Magic, Dreaming BIG, Believing in the impossible, embracing your total quirky, crazy, uniqueness which as a kid can sometimes be a lil’ hard because you’re often tossed into the “weird kid” category. I LOVED the idea that fairytales could & would come true, I liked pixie dust, fairies etc.. You get it.. I was pretty inspired by the Magic of Walt Disney and one of the most fantastic parts of my job is having so many opportunities with a company who’s brand & identity I absolutely LOVE! Mickey holds a special place in my heart because he is all things JOY and like I always say.. I am in the HAPPINESS BUSINESS! XoXo, Candy Girl

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