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Dear Candy, You were effortlessly sexy tonight, You were the most gorgeous lady in red. Everybody wa

Dear Candy,

It’s obvious that you and I are and have been having a very un-healthy affair for quite some time now. I’m just going to tell you that I don’t care what people say about us or how they stare & whisper when we’re together. Let them roll their eyes at us, what we have will never be broken. They may never understand us but they don’t have to. Some things in life are better left misunderstood. Mom always said, “It’s good to be a little mysterious and keep them guessing.” So with that being said, you were the most beautiful lady in red at our event tonight in Pasadena’s gorgeous Rococo room. You were effortlessly chic, your usual playful self, your scent was intoxifying and everybody wanted you! I love you candy, I’ll never leave you for any other person, place or thing. You have my word.

XoXo- Candy Girl

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