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Dear STILA, Seriously this is an epic problem! I need help & you’re majorly enabling me&#

Hi Party People,

I need help. At least I think I do but then again, maybe I don’t. I have been addicted to lip gloss since the minute I even discovered lip gloss existed and this was a gazillion years ago! So what! I love it, I can’t live with out it and if I were in a massive earthquake I would grab the following items and in this order, #1 My baby, #2 My husband, #3 My STILA jewel lip glaze in pink diamond collection ( also our candy girl signature color) #4 My Pups Chico & Chloe and #5 I’d grab as much of our candy as I could fit into my arms and run like hell! Or Stop, drop and roll or.. what is it we are told to do in earthquakes again??? Oh, that’s right I’d stand in a door way or get under a sturdy table. Anyhow, the point to this post is all my most beloved possessions would be with me and we’d all survive and live happily ever after…

Thank you my fabulously fun friends at STILA, We Heart U Sooooo Bad & The Hollywood Candy Girls LalaLOVED their jewel lip glaze! Thank you, Thank you!

XoXo- Candy Girl

(Image Via Google Images)

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