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Did You Get Invited To The Sweetest Wedding of the Century? Cupcakes & Cotton Candy Got Knocked

Happy Tuesday Party Mama’s! Did you get invited to the super secret wedding of Cupcakes & Cotton Candy? We’ve heard that these 2 have had a hot lil’ thing for each other for quite some time and are total PDA freaks who can’t keep their hands of each other! The word on the street is that Cupcake got cotton candy pregnant and they had a shot gun wedding! Oh Snap! No They Didn’t! Oh YES! They did! The end result is that they now have the most beautiful baby and she’s just perfect, fluffy & sweet & made of sugar & spice and all things perfectly nice. Funny how I can totally relate to their situation except for the obnoxious public PDA stuff. In so many ways cupcakes & cotton candy’s relationship eerily resembles my own story! Hmm.. small world.

All kidding aside, we have an insanely lovely facebook friend & fan who sent us the link to this Cotton Candy Cupcake from Real Simple and thought it was so cute and bloggable. Thanks Christian Kapule from Hawaii! We love that you shared this with us! Aloha!

XoXo- Candy Girl



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