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Don’t be a JERK! Jerks Lose

PURE BRILLIANCE!!! Grandpa Georgie Does Arts & Crafts With My Jelly Belly

This is what it’s all about right! You know, I gotta admit that as silly, crazy, creative and fabulously fun my business and life often are, there is absolutely NOTHING more valuable then your Family! N-A-D-A! I mean that with every ounce of who I am. Mine in particular has a ridiculous co-dependancy obsession with each other but the truth is, that’s because we’ve gotten each other through life’s most difficult moments.

I totally appreciate and scream & cry like a complete maniac at all the insanely crazy opportunities that keep coming my way. I adore the wonderfully talented team that works with me in Candy Girl Land along with the brilliant managers, producers & visionaries that I get to work with each and every day. However, even before they were a part of my life I had my family and now that I’m a mom of two very young gorgeous & funny kiddos, THEY are the reason I am able to do all this stuff and pursue my dreams & passions with extreme intensity and crazy imagination!

Skies the limit for each and everyone of us but no matter where your life leads you always remember:

  1. Who you are

  2. Where You Came From

  3. Those Who’ve Helped You Get There

  4. Don’t Be A Jerk- Jerks LOSE & Have No One To Hang With On Random Holidays

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