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“Don’t Ever Hang Up On Me Again- You Hear Me?” WINNING

How about starting off your day like this…

“Don’t Ever Hang Up On Me Again- You Hear Me!!!”

Ummm Yeah Lame-O we do hear you because you’re Yelling!!! As if you can tell us what to do you poopie pants! NOTE TO MEDIA! There is a total loco pants from Connecticut calling around from a Blocked phone number who swears he’s P. Diddy and demands information! You see angry, weirdy pants we don’t have to do ANYTHING you say because YOU’RE NOT THE BOSS OF US and you’re manners need a little updating too! Totally a Caught you Red Handed Candy Spy Moment! You Big Dummy! Don’t let our marketing fool you, we may be sweet & fun but were also sophisticated detectives who went to Inspector Gadget online training school! Duhhh!

Seriously, these Candy Girls are sooooo.. WINNING

See these boots? We’re shaking in ’em!

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