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EXTRA, EXTRA! How To Speak Candy Girl! The Guide To Decoding Our Sugary Lingo Has Been Officially An

Extra, Extra!!! Haaaaay Party People ( Friends, Fans & Candy Family!!!! ) This is kind of majorly major news! Have you ever read our silly posts and blogs and wondered “what in the heck does that mean, what planet are these girls from?” Well, we’ve decided to share our sugary lingo with the rest of the world so you too can learn ” How To Speak Candy Girl!” You may be thinking ” Oh NO! She didn’t!” Well, Oh YES, I did! I am so in lalaLOVE with this guide to the 100000th power and one of our amazingly talented besties and one of favorite chicky babies, our graphics goddess, Kristy of Posh Pixels Design Studio made it look perfect & pretty. She deserves a major booty bump for this one! This guide is so absolutely Candylicious & Profesh and it’s even a little Cheese Ball City but we LalaLOVE that! When I saw the finished product I was so elated, I could almost compare it to my OMG! Oprah moment but seriously.. Oprah wins. I mean, c’mon it’s Oprah people! Hi Miss Winfrey, I Love You!

Anyhow, we hope everyone enjoys it ( blogabees & copy cats included, Boo! UGHnoying) and if we make you giggle or even belt our a hearty chuckle, then we soooo did our J to the O to the B! Peace, Love & Candy Baby! Love Ya, Mean It, Ciao…

XoXo- Candy Girls

Link to download PDF version ~

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