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EXTRA, EXTRA!!! The Candy Princess Has Arrived!!! Drum Roll Please…. Introducing The One &#038

Proud Daddy Chris & Our Beloved Doctor Leslie M. Gonzalez

26 hours of Labor and it was worth every second! She is perfect in every way! The Candy Princess is here and ready to rock & roll with her mommy & daddy & Candy Girls! A summer schedule full of events and we all worked up until the day she was born! She will be making her appearance soon and I am sure it will be at someones gorgeous Wedding, a fantastic Barmitzvah or a Red Carpet Party! She’s here, She’s here, Shes here and we are all totally bananas & obsessed over her and she is an Angel who has lollipops as wings! Yes, we will brag and post pics and talk about her non-stop. We have become “those crazy baby people” how could we not love this face and to top it off- she is so well behaved! Thank God- He made mommy nuts so he gave her the sweetest, calmest and most gentle baby girl who loves to sleep! Isabella and I also need to thank the most wonderful, kind and amazing Doctor on the entire planet, our lovely, gorgeous and beloved, Dr. Leslie M. Gonzalez who took care of us from day 1 until the day she arrived. We are sure that Dr. G did not know what she was signing up for when she took us on on patients but we hope we did not drive her and her phenomenal staff (Liz & Jessica) totally nuts! These women are all beyond professional, friendly and patient and anyone who deals with me, has the patient of a saint. I’m just too busy, too rushed, a little too crazy ( but the good crazy, the really wild and fun kind, so I’ve been told) Thank you, Thank you to Dr. Gonzalez, Liz & Ana, because of you all, Isabella arrived safe & sound and can now look forward to a lifetime of Livin’ it up with her Crazy Mommy! I love you guys!

Here’s to a Sweet, Sweet Life!!!

xoxo Jackie ” Candy Girl” & Family!

Dr. Leslie M. Gonzalez- The MOST FABULOUS OBGYN ON EARTH!!!

(562) 494-4277

The Heiress to the Candy Empire!!

I mean c’mon, tear jerker!

Grandma & Grandpa = Totally Obsessed

I admit it, I have seen better days in the Glamour department But, I JUST HAD A BABY PEOPLE!


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