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Guess What People! The Hollywood Candy Girls Are Invading The Tri-State Area! New York City, New Jer

Hey Party People!!! Well, as our readers know, we are always so busy, so grateful and so excited about the things happening to us right now. So what did we decide to do in the middle of this Chaos? We decide to bring our candy love back home to the beautiful Big Apple & the Tri State area. We love our clients and feel super sad when they email and call asking us when we are coming back home. The wait is over my friends, I’m happy to let you know, we’re back! And you know me, when we do something, we GO BIG or go home! We’ve been contacting all our friends in the fashion, wedding, event planning & PR industries who are thrilled and we are going to be throwing a super fun mega bash to celebrate this fabulous news! We took a break because quite honestly, we had a beautiful baby but she is now officially part of the team and we are moving full speed ahead! I typically would tell you everything in the works in my blog post, but what I’ve learned is somethings are simply better left un-said. We’ll see you on the Today Show soon and we simply can’t wait to spill the beans on what’s been on our minds lately. So Much Candy Drama- Rama! And such is the life of a very hard working candy girl who always speaks her mind, never gives up and does not tolerate… well you all know already!

XoXo- candy Girl

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