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Happy Birthday Mamacita Chiquita Bonita Banana!!! Jelly Belly Bean Isabella Simply Adores Her Grandm

My Mom Arcelia turned 60 this week! Can you believe it? People still ask me if my mom is my sister sometimes and I give them the most ridiculously looooong eye roll and say.. Yeah Right.. We’re so sisters just like the Kardashian’s! I mean, I’m her daughter and that’s weird although she does look pretty fantastico for 60! My mom rocks my world, my babies world, my dads world (bow chicka bow bow) and our families world!!! Without this extraordinary loving woman we’d be lost and a little less hyper but we thrive on hyper activity and we can’t get enough my mom who for so many years has been the center of of world! I love you mama and I’m sorry to tell the world you’re sixty -60 but Daaaaaaaaaamn Girl- You look good! Sh-Sh-Shake what your mama gave ya!

And in true Mexicana style- I’ve attached a video of Las Mananitas being sung by members of my mamas own family who happen to be the world renowned Mariachi Vargas! Ayayay- Arrrrrriba!!!!

Love, Your Daughter ( Who publicly humiliates her whole family on a weekly basis but it’s only because I love you guys so much, you’re the best thing I’ve got and I like to show you all off!)

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