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Happy Birthday To My Dad, George Sorkin who is the greatest guy I know!

Happy Birthday To My Beloved Dad George who’s the greatest guy I know. Who lives his life with happiness, no stress, loves to cook his ass off, make people laugh, tell inappropriate jokes and travel the world with his girlfriend , Arci (my mom). Happy Birthday Dad, I love you and wish you the most wonderful birthday! See you tonight!

Love you!!!

Little Georgie

Last Day Of High School Georgie! I run this class!!!

Always so in love with his Wifey Georgie!

King of The Argentine BBQ Georgie! No ONE Can Compete, There is NO Competition!

Georgie making fun of his AMAZING daughter during labor!

Grandpa Georgie in “Tennis Anyone?” sweater and his girl.

Hysterical Georgie making mom laugh so hard, she does the ugly cry at someones wedding!

Father in law Senor Georgie and his favorite son in law, Mr. Wonderful!

Isabella’s hero, Georgie who she loves more than anything in this world!

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