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Happy Birthday To Our Beloved Barbie Girl & Hollywood Candy Girl Blondie Ashely!!!

Happy Birthday to the first blondie that we ever allowed into our tight knit candy crew! Miss Ashley celebrated her Birthday and we simply wanted to share it with the world and tell her she’s LalaLOVED! Ashley is sweet & fun, has a cute voice and likes to giggle. She was President of her Sorority and is pretty smart too so don’t get it twisted and let her good looks fool you.. she’s brainy and has recently received her Masters Degree! YES, AS IN MASTERS DEGREE!!! Happy Birthday Ash! The world is a more Candylicious place because of YOU and since I was never cool enough to be President of anything and dropped out of community college because I could not pass Algebra after my 11th attempt, I thank you for allowing me to re-live my youth through your awesomeness! giggle.. giggle..

XoXo- Candy Motha

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