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Happy Birthday To Our Lil Loves Honey Boo Boo Alana & Big Sis Chickadee! Our TLC Family Rocks R


Party People!!!! If you don’t know who these lil’ darlings below then.. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN HIDING??? Alana Thompson a.k.a. Honey Boo Boo Child and her Big Sis Chickadee and mama June are all some very special friends to The Hollywood Candy Girls! We met a few months ago thanks to one thing we had in common- Our TLC family! Anyhow, we had a CRAZY, super fun night in Hollywood that we’ll never forget and are so excited for all the wonderful things this family is experiencing! If you are familiar with us and read about our sweet adventures around the world, well then it should not surprise you that we’ve formed a friendship with this fantastic family who is silly, bold, fun, perfectly happy with who they are ( just like us) and totally living life by their very own fabulously, fun loving rules! We’re working on some Super Sweet Stuff for them & can’t wait for the girls to see it & taste it!

Wishing Q’pon Queen Mama June, Alana & Chickadee & Baby Katelyn Very Happy Birthdays as the all recently celebrated their big days! Here’s to many many more!

XoXo, Candy Girls

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