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Happy Passover Friends! Please pass the Matzah & Macaroons & Manischewitz Margaritas, We&#

Happy Passover to all our Jewish friends and family! I’m a Sorkin and a proud Cashew- A Catholic Jew actually Latino Catholic- Jews to be exact and that means we put Tobasco & Guacamole on our Latkes and wash them down with Margaritas blended with Manischewitz! I know it’s kind of an Oxy-Moron to be a Cashew but moms one thing and dads another and the end result is that I’m simply really proud to be both so I honor them both and get to celebrate a lot. We’ll be eating Matzoh Ball Soup tonight and eating the ears off of giant chocolate bunnies and hunting for eggs on Sunday. In reality, I’m just into celebrating heritage and our history, where we came from and who we are, that’s all. Life is a beautiful thing and our roots are everything. To know your roots is to know yourself so with this totally un-sarcastic post which is even a little tender too, don’t cha’ think? I wish everyone a very happy Passover and enjoy eating your faces off because Jews may be famous for many things but are most famous for… EATING!!! Now be a good boy and pass me more potatoes!!!

XoXo, Candy Girl who happens to be rolling Matzoh Balls with one hand and typing with the other.

Still unsure of what the holiday is all about? Here’s a bit more info I pulled from a website called who featured a post called “Don’t be ignorant, learn more about the Jewish holiday of Passover.”

BT: So, what’s Passover all about? SK: Passover is a holiday the Jews celebrate which observes the historical moment of the leaving from slavery in Egypt and the first steps towards liberation and freedom. But it’s both a historical holiday and the celebration of the agricultural time of year. We celebrate the rebirth of spring and the beginning of new life.

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