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Have We Gone Hollywood??? NEVER!!! At least we don’t think so!!!

This quick little post is inspired by a new client who called me this morning and her first words were, ” You know, I absolutely LOVE what you do but I don’t even think I can afford you so I may be wasting my time calling you!” Well, she quickly came to find that she misjudged us and we laughed about it while scheduling her consultation to meet next week at her home. I told her, “Mrs. Wheeler, we sell candy & sweet treats NOT Ferrari’s Lady! No worries, I’ll take care of you!” Honestly, I’ve heard this so many times and it’s a compliment of sorts I suppose, but not necessarily the message that I’d ever want to convey to our clients. The truth is, the Heart Beat and Core of my business is the everyday normal folks & families, like me & mine! The new mom planning her babies 1st Birthday, The Sweet 16 or Quinceneara teen who’s so overly energetic and excited beyond words and LOVES PINK, the Fiance who’s surprising his bride with a special candy creation at their up-coming wedding, the Mitzvah parents, High School Prom Committee and so on… Sure! We’ve got some big names sprinkled in there too, some of the biggest names in the world to be exact but I’m not in the mood to drop names on you in order for you to say WOWY-WOW or break your toes from the massive weight these big names carry.

I’m such a normal chick who had a shot gun wedding and that decision still annoys me, I’ve got an 11 month old baby, another one on the way ( I’m still managing the shock and easing into it) A husband who has my back always, watches way too much Major League Baseball, Works his ass off for his family and then comes to Candy Land to ” help me” because he’s realized he is “Very creative & apparently Loving it!” I’ve got 2 little dogs with very bad manners and often in need of a visit to the groomers & dentist, crazy loving parents with funny accents who believe in me so much that they NEVER let me complain or feel sorry for myself for being so tired and so ambitious and I’ve got bills that are piled high and normally paid late and I live in a towne home in the burbs that is surrounded by women who I’ve deemed the Stroller Brigade and Perfect Mother Mafia. Ugh! Those women highly annoy me because they make me realize I need to manage my time better and work less so I can do more of what they get to do which if you ask me looks like a lot of sitting around parks with coolers & wipes, driving to Costco every other day and gossiping about the other moms in town. Umm.. I just never saw myself being that woman so I am easing my way into it with baby steps. Now, How Hollywood is all that? You see, marketing is one thing and reality & truth is another and I’m most proud of being as honest and open as I can be, pretty damn funny on a good day and just have very big plans for my family, my business & our future and I allow nothing, nobody and no set back to stop me. And you know what my motto of the moment is… Candy World Domination or Bust Baby!!!

Here’s To NEVER Going Hollywood.. I mean, They Don’t Call It La-La Land For Nothing’!


The Most Normal, Slightly Cynical Candy Girl You’ve Ever Known!



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