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” Hey Candy Girls, What Make-Up Are you Wearing It’s Soooo Pretty?” STILA Cosmetic

Hi Gorgeous Mamsitas! Well as you know I only blog about stuff we totally love and are OMG so obsessed with. You also know that we Lalalove stuff that is so cute & fun and totally bloggable! With that said, I am sharing a MAJOR candy girl secret with all of you. People often ask us what make-up we are wearing because it’s so pretty and sparkly and fun to the trillionth power and I’m finally ready to reveal it to all of you honorary candy girls! WE HEART STILA COSMETICS so bad it’s like an inappropriate love affair. Usually people keep those a secret but we are so in love with our STILA we want to shout it from the roof tops of a fabulous penthouse somewhere! Anyone out there ready to let us borrow their fabulous penthouse, it’ll just take a sec, I promise you. Anyhow, we love STILA not only because of how amazing it makes us look rather, it’s a socially responsible company too. Read up on a little more info about who STILA is and next time you’re in need of some new make-up, give them a try. We promise that you too, will look so fab, so glam & so candylicious!

Stila’s goal was to create a signature packaging style that was environmentally safe. The result was modern, chic packaging made out of recycled paper, aluminum and glass that is durable as well as distinctive. Unique illustrations and inspiring feminine quotes were chosen to help bring Stila Cosmetics to life, adding a sense of fun and whimsy to the Stila experience. Stila cosmetics do not conduct or endorse cosmetic testing on animals.

xoxo- Candy Girls

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