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Hey!!!! Hands Off Our Custom Candy Girl Aprons! We know they’re 2 Die 4 Cute but you’l

I know soooooo cute! Our fabulous friend and the very Foxy Mrs. Michele Fox of Kitchen Couture ( created these fantastic Candy Girl Aprons for us and we have been wearing them all over town! People LOVE our cute aprons and everyone wants to either try them on or purchase them right off our backs at events! When I saw them, I died & was so appreciative! Michele and I met in the lobby of a hotel and I began trying these gorgeous aprons on instantly! I could care less that these business men were chatting nearby and staring at me thinking ” What is that crazy girl doing” It’s not like I was ripping my clothes off- I just couldn’t wait to try them on!For those of you who know me personally, you know I have no shame and get overly excited about anything SOOO CUTE! They look like sexy little dresses and have sparkly rhinestones and tons of details! Michele even made a Maternity version for me that Briana is wearing in the photos below ( the pink one). She made sure that I felt really cute even while pregnant! Michele made these custom candy girl aprons for a very special reason which I can’t even mention! I know, I hate when people say stuff like that and keep you hanging but we are literally so excited and keeping our fingers, eyes and toes crossed daily! We are practicing patience since we know in the long run it’s going to pay off in such a MAJOR way all our heads & lollipops will spin!

Please check out her website and products- Michele’s Business is Going to Blow Up- It’s just a hunch and a gut feeling I have and usually when I have these feelings- I’m right! I have a little psychic ability- according to my mom it totally runs in the family.. I’m serious. I wouldn’t make statements like this unless I meant it!

Please tell Michele you saw her cute aprons on our blog!

XOXO- Jackie & The Candy Girls!!!

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