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Hollywood Candy Girls Spend A Girls Night Out WIth Alana Honey Boo Boo Child & Mama June

Well.. we have been quite vocal about our love for the cutest Toddler in Tiaras star we’ve ever laid our eyeballs on and all we can say is… some relationships are just meant to be… We understand each other, we laugh at the same stuff, we do silly impressions, have dance-off’s and have a blast wherever we go!!! Our night in West Hollywood consisted of a fun night and Alana’s ‘Pretend” Birthday Party at Hamburger Mary’s, meeting very colorful characters all night long while skipping down the street in our heels. All we can say is.. we haven’t had this much fun since junior high! We owe an apology to that fancy hotel, we should not have laid on our horns when we picked you up screaming & shouting! These Girls Just Wanna Have Major Fun and WE DID!!!!!!

Til the next visit Mama June Bug & Alana..XoXo- Candy Girls

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