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Holy Cow! The Candy Girls are So Going to Dubai to visit the Holy Land- CANDYLICIOUS! 10,000 Square

So… in our Master Plan, The Candy Girls will be opening their very own Candy Store some day soon on Hollywood Boulevard ( OK, We prefer Hollywood Boulevard but we’re business minded too and this is prime retail space which = Major Dollars) with a giant Pink ,White & Sparkly swirly slide that guests must slide down in order to enter our Candy Mecca! ( We’ll have doors & elevators too, so no need to worry if you’re not into Giant Slides ;-). We live & breath all things candy and it’s only natural that we also have the most fabulously fun candy shoppe that the worlds ever seen! Yes, we know it’s a big investment but that’s why you have investors, really cute & generous ones too.. duhhh.

We are planning on visiting The Dubai Mall in the United Arab Emirates and taking a visit to CANDYLICIOUS! This is an awesome space with over 10,000 Square Feet of Candy Love. The only issue for most people here in the USA is that it’s located in Dubai and that’s not to most common family vacation destination for most. The photos alone are pretty fantastic and we are looking forward to creating our own Candy Holy Land here in Hollywood! This store serves as great inspiration but since we’re so competitive and we admit it, we’ll give these guys a run for their money.. I mean that in the nicest way too! Hey, competition is healthy and if you are anything like us, Competition makes us better and better at everything we do. Because the truth is, WE MUST WIN AT EVERYTHING!!!

Enjoy the pics of this great place and EAT MORE CANDY!

XoXo, Jackie & The Candy Girls

PS- Sing This… The Candy Girls Can Because We Sprinkle It With Love and Make The World Taste Good… ( Look Good Too, Ha)

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