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How about them APPLES Baby!!! CMK & Company Custom Caramel Apples to join us at our BIG event!

So I literally just hung up the phone with my new incredible friend Margot of CMK & Company! They are a fabulously delicious Custom Caramel Apple Company in the OC who create some of the most scrumptious gourmet apples imaginable! Briana- (Our Cutie Pie-Candy Girl and Candy Scout) was on the hunt for some amazing new treats & sweets this weekend when she attended the Laguna Cliff’s Orange County Bridal Fair By The Sea. She ran into Margot and chatted about her product, sampled a bunch of her treats and then purchased some to take home and share with her gorgeous BF and his buddies. She said the boys went wild over CMK’s apples and ate every inch of them except the stick they came on! Bri knows the difference between what’s good and what is flippin’ insanely phenomenal, fabulous and Dlish! I’m kind of extreme so if I hear it’s amazing, I want to know about it NOW! I was intrigued so I called Margot myself- I had to warn her that I was not some overly excited weirdo obsessed with apples, I just really wanted to connect with her and see if she’d be interested in working with the Crazy Candy Girls of Hollywood on some of our fabulous events! Well, long story short, we absolutely clicked and Margot will be creating some awesome apples and other treats for us to share with our guests at Baby Bella’s Monster Baby Shower Bash! We are creating the most insane dessert bar ever and would like to have every sweet known to man represented. We’ll be doing everything from a fabulous Custom Candy Buffet Bar to Smore’s Bar to Cupcakes, Cake, Cake Pops, Custom Cookies, A Chocolate Fountain, Fruit Bar (We are nice to those on diets too) and now CMK’s Incredible Gourmet Apples!!! We’ve been warning guests to not eat for a week so any weight gain is not blamed on us but don’t they say, “An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away?” These apples are fantastic for corporate events, gifts, wedding favors, shower favors, caramel apple lovers (By the way, Janet Jackson loves Caramel apples too apparently and it’s our mission to help get some of CMK’s creations to Miss Jackson herself).

Some of their flavors include:

*Apple Pie *Avalanche *German Chocolate Cake *Caramel Apple *Cookies-N-Cream* Strawberry Cheesecake * Snickers & More – Are you Salivating Yet!

Customer Service Hours: Mon – Fri 8:30 am – 5:00 pm (949)-521-3886 (Fax) 949-481-6401 Address: 860 Camino De Los Mares, San Clemente, CA 92673

Stay Sweet Everyone! Stay Tuned 4 The Pics of our event!

xoxo, Jackie ” Candy Girl”

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