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How Did I Handle The Official Announcement of Our New TLC Reality Show “Candy Queen Yesterday&

I’m tired and I gotta try super hard to not go on and on with this post because naturally, now that the official press release was posted online regarding our new TLC reality show ” Candy Queen” there really isn’t any breaking news in Candy Girl Land to share with you… yet. I mean c’mon, anyone who watches reality TV or is addicted to it like I am knows that this could possibly be a really fun, crazy, embarrassing and what I hope will be a very HONEST ride into our world & our lives.

I am the first to admit it, I’ve got so many damn issues, other than candy, I could probably sell a whole lotta’ tissues however, I really hope that men & women of all ages and especially little girls realize that anything & everything is possible for them if they are willing to work their asses off, not complain and treat people like they matter. I’m not a Kum-ba-yah type who wears daisies in my hair and flashes peace signs to people walkin’ down the street but I have realized through so many of my life’s own major F-ups & stupid choices, what works and what does not and I’ve realized that when you build people up rather than busting their balls to oblivion and making them feel like garbage, they will work harder for you, become more loyal ( some, not all) and help your business grow.

Our friends and family are so excited for us and that’s expected and then you have those who apparently took an over-night course in becoming Producers, Agents & Life Coaches who say stupid stuff that makes no sense and has no validity. When you sign up for something like this you’ve got to keep it real and know that with the good comes the bad. I’d imagine that most viewers will laugh with us, relate to our family and lives while other’s may find us incredibly blah & nauseating but it’s totally OK. We get it. We nauseate ourselves somedays too!

I will leave you with this, the last year of my life I’ve been contacted by handfuls of production companies from LA to NYC. Now let me tell you, I’ve pretty much considered myself to be a nobody for most of my life, a regular chick who think’s she’s witty on a good day, weirdly sensitive with the bark of a pit-bull and bite of a chiuaua. I’ve been asked to take meetings with agents, producers, managers and had people try and sell me the moon & the stars disguised in fancy words at fancy restaurants in Hollywood while all I wanted to do was be at a Chili’s with my team drinking diet coke, eating cheap wings and talking about our usual girl nonsense which makes me feel like I’m still in my twenties and still kinda cool ( I know, I’m pathetically clinging to my youth as if the candy business did not already give that away!) I will tell you that the ONLY place I ever wanted to be was on TLC and anyone who knows us, knows the reasons why. I love my family like a lunatic, work my ass off to the point of exhaustion, have phenomenal clients who often become my friends, I’m completely mistrusting of most, incredibly protective of those I care about and only wanted to be on a network where I felt they depicted families, their lives and their business’s in a way I would be proud of and comfortable with! I have a family now, I am a wife and a mom and apparently a jack rabbit since I am now pregnant again and when you grow up like I am trying to, you have to care about things like integrity, honesty and people’s intentions! I want to thank everyone at Half Yard Productions who is producing this show and has treated me with respect and love and cared for me and my family this last year which has been a roller-coaster for us personally. We’re lovin’ our new family at Gordo Entertainment and look forward to driving them bonkers bananas and really I can’t say enough about finding a home at TLC other than, one of my most favorite new life memories was the day I met you all in your offices and broke into my hysterical ugly cry within the first 2 minutes of meeting you after someone kindly asked me a very simple question, “So how old is your baby again?” I know guys, I’m kind of an adorable mess…

To be continued…



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